KARINGALI Herbal Water Mix-300 Gram, Khadira, Karingali to prepare Drinking Water,Kerala Traditional Item

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Karingali or Khadira is a herb that use Traditionally to prepare drinking water in Kerala. "Ayurveda practitioners go by the dictum that 'like cures like' (ushnam ushneenu shanthi). Since Kerala enjoys a warm tropical climate, the belief is that the heat in the body can be reduced by drinking warm water. Karingali in english it is known as Cutch Tree, Black catechu, Black cutch, Cashoo, Catechu, Wadalee gum.It is Mimosaceae (Touch-me-not family) and Genus: Acacia,Its botanical name: Acacia catechu, Mimosa catechu, Acacia wallichiana. This is small tree growing three to twient m high,stem is dark brown to black.The heart wood and bark of the Karingali are used in traditional medicine. Therapeutic benefit of Karingali water is that it gives curing benefit in vaginal diseases and ulcers. The body toxins, which accumulate in the body over a period of time as a result of our faulty lifestyle and dietary habits is considered as the root cause of many diseases in Ayurveda. Karingali is very helpful in detoxifying the body off the accumulated toxins. Having astringent properties, karingali helps to manage the pitta disorders in the body. Several Liver problems and blood disorders can be curbed easily with regulated use of cutch tree wood along with other Liver protective and hematinic herbs. Infant YogiTM Brand Khadira or Karingali Herbal water mix is fine quality " Daha Shamani" which is meant for preparing Drinking Herbal water