Infant Yogi™ 2 Nos Pack - King of Handloom Bath Towels with Excellent Water absorbent Qualities, Feather Smooth Cotton, Thin,Light weight, Extra Large Size, Market Leader

  • Rs. 299.00
  • Save Rs. 400

Infant YogiTM is a reputed seller in Handloom Clothing Category, from Gods Own Country. By Purchasing and using a Handloom Product, you are supporting a weaver & his dreams. More over,it's our glorious tradition, which is World famous for its special Qualities and Methods of Manufacturing. This Item, King Size Cotton Bath Towels, are Feather smooth with excellent water absorbing qualities, Thin & Light weight, and dries faster than normal Terry Towels. Its Extra Large in Size and Exclusively manufactured using High Quality cotton , which is perfect fit to the purpose. This Kind of Towels are not available in Open Market. It's easy to wipe the body after a shower, easier than Terry Towel to use, because of it's Thin Light weight Nature. It Dries very faster, so no worries even in Monsoon season. It's Less space consuming and hence very helpful in Travel Occasions. Since we are the Manufacturer, You are getting it at profitable rates, than Open/Online Markets. Random Colour Borders on Bath Towels. Care Instructions: Gentle Wash

  • Infant YogiTM Reputed Brand in Handloom/Traditional items. 100% Genuine items with Quality.
  • King Of Handloom Cotton Bath Towels. In Size, Quality & Price. It's Thin & Light Weight than Normal Terry Towels, so very easy to use at Bathing Time
  • Size 62inch * 32 inch , Diamond white Colour. Feather Feel Cotton. Dries Faster, so no worries even in Monsoon season
  • Easy to Carry During Travel , It's Light Weight and Less Space Consuming.
  • Exclusively manufactured using Quality Cotton, which's perfect fit for the desired purpose.