About Us

InfantYogi.com is an online destination for a variety of day-to-day requirements of everyone. We focus on bags and accessories, clothing – especially handloom and traditional kerala attire, kids clothing, herbal / ayurvedic products automotive additives. What we Offer ?

At Infant Yogi, we understand the importance of every customer in our business; respect and value their time and money. It is therefore our definitive, consistent and continuous endeavour to deliver the best in terms of quality, quantity, user convenience and service.

Our philosophy is to offer the best quality products and services for the value that the customers pay. We achieve this by scouting for genuine and quality products and ingredients, ensure quality worksmanship under expert supervision during production, neat packing and prompt delivery. Any queriesfrom customers are attended to promptly suggestions or feedbacks are looped back to our process team for possible innovation towards improving quality standards of both products and services.

One of our key areas is to extract from the vast traditions from our rich heritage. There have been many excellent methods, processes, ingredients and products of immense benefits which are unfortunately fading away, in this rather fast-paced world. We contribute our humble bit towards restoring / utilizing those conventional practices in some of our products and pass on the benefits to our valued customers.

And, we are continuing our journey to success, spreading happiness & smiles on our customers’ faces!