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Kerala’s looms have traditionally been known for the quality and elegance of the attire that they produce – the conventional dress for men and women and accessories.


Kannur, also known as Cannanore, is a beautiful city on the northern side of Kerala State in India. It is also fondly called as the Land of Looms and Lores because of a considerable number of artisans who have been operating handlooms traditionally / loom industries in this area and also the rituals and folk lores practiced in the temples of this region.

 Infant Yogi™Handloom Saree

A variety of loom products are manufactured here, which have been worn by Keralites for ages. The traditional attire of this kind is comfortable to wear suiting the weather, and at the same time elegant and is a must for festivities or occasions.

 Infant Yogi™ Handloom Set Mundu

Set Mundu (the two-piece saree worn traditionally by Keralites) of different varieties / designs. The conventional ones with various types of borders (called kara) – thin, broad, multicoloured, pattern etc. Different varieties are available in the populat Kasavu kara Set Mundu (Set Mundu with golden border).

 Infant Yogi™ Handloom DHoti

Set Saree – Full length sarees with border as in a set mundu.


Design embossed set mundu / sarees introduced in the recent past are gaining popularity.

 Infant Yogi™ Hand Painted Clothing

Mundu or Dhoti for men available with various types of borders (called kara) – thin, broad, multicoloured, pattern etc. including in kasavu (golden border).


We at InfantYogi source quality ingredients and finished products directly from the artisans or small scale industries, following Gandhiji’s vision of an empowered India through empowering the Villages. This enables us to ensure quality of the products, make necessary innovations to improve customer experience as well as to save costs thereby ensuring value for money for the customers.

Infant Yogi™ Hand Painted Sarees

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