Infant Yogi™ Hand painted Designer Clothing

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Infant Yogi™ Hand painted Designer sarees

Infant Yogi™ Hand Painted Mural



InfantYogiTM hand painted designer sarees have been specially made for you, to make you feel exclusively yourself, and bring out the diva in you.


Hand painted sarees are specially manufactured for those who admire and appreciate ingenuity of art; and also like to be special, independent. We bring you exclusive and elegant designs that would suit you and make you feel special on every occasion.


At InfantYogiTM, we identify traditional methods, artisans and bring their benefits to customers thereby creating a win-win situation for both. We strive to enliven Gandhiji’s vision of empowering India through empowering villeges and indigeneous products.


InfantYogiTM hand painted sarees are made on handloom / powerloom sarees of Kerala, well-known for quality and comfort. InfantYogiTM hand painted sarees are designed and painted by talented artists, who are experts in cloth painting, and conventional methods including murals.


The design for each saree been specially chosen and carefully painted by our artists, under expert supervision, to ensure you look your best when you get dressed up for that special occasion!







Exclusive Designs painted by talented artists – by hand… no machine prints – to make your saree unique and to add to the elegance! Our artists are best-in-class; specially trained in cloth painting including murals and heritage painting.

Infant YogiTM hand painted sarees have been made exclusively for those who admire genuine art, and want to be different. Stand out in the crowd with the special hand paintings on your saree.. Feel the difference, and feel special… whatever be the occasion…

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